Thursday, July 10, 2014

Riveting, Forging, Fusing Oh My

I love riveting. It's no secret that it's one of my favorite techniques. I use them a lot. I also enjoy forging, but it's not so easy on the wrists, so I have to keep it to a minimum. That's why I only make one of these statement necklaces every now and then. It's a shame, because they are one of my favorite things to make. What I need is a hammerer... the lucky person can also do all photo touch ups. Now accepting volunteers. No one? Darn.

Riveted Copper Statement Necklace

To start this necklace I cut and formed several lengths of copper wire by wrapping them around wooden dowels of various sizes.

Necklace Layout

Next, I forged out the ends and any areas where a rivet would need room and added a similar hammered texture everywhere else.


Then it was time to drill holes at the ends of each piece, cut rivets, and ream out the edges of the holes with a larger drill bit to allow the rivets room to spread and grab the metal. As I began to assemble the piece I continued to drill as I went to ensure that everything would line up.


I decided to assemble this piece in three segments to make sure it was as symmetrical as possible, but also because I needed it to fit in my small ultrasonic cleaner after it received a patina. I also took periodic measurements to make sure it was all coming together as planned.

For the chain I decided to go with a modification of the tear link chain from the Silver Works Studio website. Instead of creating the hammered and folded links I stopped at the fusing point.

The result was a bold statement piece. I'd say it looks great with a little black dress or jeans and a tank, but in my opinion, it's really all about the neck-piece. The clothes are the accessory.

I posted the making of this piece in real time on Instagram. It was fun. I may do it again. So follow me over there if you like. Username: metalmusing

Thanks for reading!

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