Monday, September 3, 2012

Furry Friends an EM Blog Carnival

This Month Etsy Metal is sharing our furry friends for the blog carnival!

Name: Chloe
Alias: Chloe Dog, Clover, Upside Down Dog, Lamp
Breed: Lab/Bull dog mix
Age: 11
Favorite Activities: Butt Scratching, Eating, Nesting, Chasing those damn birds, Snuggling, Dress up (OK maybe that's my favorite)
Tricks: Sitting, Shaking, Laying Down, Rolling Over, Standing

It's a Chloedeer!


Name: Mischief (although she does not know this and no one calls her that)
Alias: Kitty
Age: 12
Favorite Activities: Sleeping in the Dog bed, Snuggling her dad, Meowing for no reason
Warning: This cat attacks without provocation!


Name: Lily
Alias: Lily Lou, Lily Cat, Lillers
Age: 3
Favorite Actives: Acrobatics, Contortion, Pestering Chloe and Kitty

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