Monday, July 2, 2012

What in the World...

are you doing? An Etsy Metal blog carnival. This month EM members share their current "goings on".

What have I been doing? I've not been blogging, that's for sure. In the last month I have been:

*Working on a new(er) collection "Eyelet Lace", which I am pretty excited about. There are three additional pieces on my bench right now that I hope to have completed in the next week or so.

Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings from the Eyelet Lace Collection

*Spending weekends at craft fairs and other art events. Was great to get some sun and discover new music (Melody Walker and Orphan in the Afterlife were my favorites!) at the Benbow Summer Arts Festival and this years turn out for North Coast Open Studios was great!

* Washing my dog every other day because she has dermatitis. Poor little dog. She's being very cooperative and I'm sure already feels a lot better.

Chloe dog doing what she does best: being cute
*Visiting relatives. Had a great time when my cousin got married on a yacht on Newport Harbor.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone... some I hadn't seen in several years.

*Laying in my fantastic new hammock that my mother gave me on the previously mentioned trip.

*Planting our raised beds with cabbage, peppers, chard, Romain, basil, onions and leeks.

 *Moving the North Coast Metal Arts Guild out of our studio space. We had a lot of fun there and are a little bummed, but also excited to be focusing our efforts in other directions.

NC Black demo at the North Coast Metal Arts Guild

*Watching a ridiculous amount of Mad Men on Netflix.

*Reading the Game of Thrones series (obsessively!).

*Updating my website and etsy shop sections so my work can be viewed as collections. (Take a look and let me know what you think!)

*And pretty much trying to re-charge while keeping up on the ins and outs of everyday life!

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