Friday, June 27, 2014

3xR 20 and 21: Hand me Down

A couple of weeks ago I came across this box I received from my aunt (from her high school jewelry class).

Just look at that fantastic reuse.Tucked inside this old treasure was not only some super old chapstick in a METAL tube (score!), 

but also two of the best files that I own. I pulled them out when she gave me the box a few years ago and have been happily using them ever since. 

Sadly, when I went to purchase more of them I found that they are no longer made in the USA and that the quality has gone way down. But I digress, when I opened the box more recently to see what was left inside I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Look at the tarnish on this silver! I love it! I knew there was a 3xR or two in there the second I saw it. 

The sheet metal wasn't quite large enough for the bezel, so I had to get creative. 

Meanwhile I grabbed some copper from my stash for the other stone. I have no idea what was originally planned for this copper, but that tape had been on it long enough that the plastic peeled off and left the adhesive behind. 

Here the bezels are soldered down. 

Back to the scrap bin for some more copper. I textured this piece on some concrete to match the somewhat beat up state of the silver. 

At this point I got so into the making that I neglected to take more photos... 

3xR 20:

Copper, Silver, Agate

I think it's interesting to see the vast difference in two pieces made from the same materials at the same time. 

3xR 21:
Copper, Silver, Agate

I have to say, I love creating without a plan! I never know where it's going to take me. 

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Thanks for reading! 


  1. Beautiful work!!! I especially love the second one!!

    1. Thank you! The second one is my favorite as well!