Wednesday, June 18, 2014

National Day of Making

Today is the National Day of Making in the US and since I can't make it to the first ever White House Maker Faire I'm going to spend the day sharing the work of some incredible makers (so check back throughout the day for updates to this post)!

First up, Victioria Takahashi of Experimetal.

Victoria's work is always complex and thoughtful and her craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible!

If you would like to get to know Victoria and her work a little better check out this great guest post she wrote at the Love My Art Jewelry Blog!

You can find her on:
Her Blog


Next up, Kest Schwartzman of Vagabond Jewelry.
If you are in the market for a stunning, talk of the party, wearable piece of art her work might be just what you are looking for.

Photo credit Shannon Beatty

You can find her on:


And now, a maker that makes the tools for other makers. The makers at NC Black are metalsmiths themselves so they know their stuff. I've got a few of these hammers myself and I love them!

Check them out and add to your tool collection:


Nikki of NR Jewellery Design has been creating these narrative pieces as of late. Gorgeous stone choices and excellent craftsmanship really make these pieces stand out. 

See more of her work:


I know I've only looked at metalsmiths today and there is a reason besides the obvious... There are so many great ones out there! Too many to include in one post! Here are a few more that I always have my eye on:

Sara Westermark 
Tosca Teran at Nanopod
Amy Tavern
Sarah Bonser at LilyCobra
Maggie J's

Pretty much everyone else over at Etsy Metal

all the metalsmiths on instagram #instajewelrygroup

There are so many more!!! So many people making incredible pieces, by hand, one at a time. Totally unique and inspired work. I would encourage anyone who is interested in a more authentic collection of adornment to seek these makers out, support their work when you can, and encourage them when you can't. They make the world a more interesting place!

If jewelry isn't your thing here are a few people/organizations to follow that make a career out of promoting makers, designers and artists of all sorts as well as the art of making:

What are your favorite Maker sites and organizations to follow? Post them in the comments! 

Thanks for reading! 

P.S. I'm also having a flash sale in my Etsy shop to celebrate! Take 20% off with the coupon code DayOfMaking! 


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