Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Eco-Friendly challenge continues

It's already week three of the Flickr 3xR challenge! Time is flying! And I am on top of it. Probably because I am still so excited about this challenge. I love everything about it. Being kind to the earth, being kind to myself and my studio by clearing out some clutter, the transformation from a pile of cast offs to a new and lovely object ready to wear. I could go on. This week I continued my exploration of the eyelet lace scrap, but this time I wanted to go bigger, so I rummaged through my general copper scrap bin as well and came up with a lovely sheet of copper that had been used to test out a texturing hammer and already had some other bits cut out for who knows what.


The copper wasn't quite long enough for what I had in mind, so I cut two half inch strips and soldered them together to create the base of a bracelet. Then I trimmed up, filed and sanded the silver scrap and moved it around about a million times before I settled on placement.

I like how some of the texture shows through on the top of the cuff adding to its distressed look, but what I really love is the hidden texture on the inside of the cuff. So much so that I even signed this piece. I know, I know, I should sign them all, but I don't. I tend to save it for the special pieces.

This cuff and the other 3xR pieces are available in my Etsy shop. Lucky for someone I made this bracelet a bit too small for myself, otherwise it would be staying right here with me! 

You can check out the whole 3xR group over on flickr and see how the other artists are utilizing their scrap or clearing out their stashes. Join in if you like. The more the merrier!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love it !!! What a great idea to make something from metal scraps!

    1. Thank You Lorena! I'm having a lot of fun!