Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm melting.... 3xR Week 4

Every time I'm around something melting, or talk about something melting, or think about something melting I hear the wicked witch in my head. That is exactly what I heard as I overheated a piece a few months ago and in my frustration let it melt all the way into a ball. It helped. It also helped to let the blob plop off into the pumice that lines my soldering pan knowing that some sort of interesting form would emerge.

Kinda looks like a piece of used silver chewing gum. As I rummaged through my scrap bin this week I came upon this little nugget and decided it was time to turn my mistake into something better. I kept looking and found the end of some silver chain and a few purple beads.

I drilled a couple of holes, balled up some wire, and added the beads.

Much better.

Check out more of the Flickr 3xR challenge to see what everyone else is up to and visit this piece in my Etsy shop if you are so inclined. 

Thanks for reading!

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