Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ring a Day Challenge

Starting March 1st, 2010 I will be participating in the Ring a Day Challenge presented by a member of crafthaus.  The challenge requires that participants create a ring a day for an entire year.  I've committed to participating in the challenge for the month of March.  I will be posting images as frequently as possible to the Ring a Day page here on Metal Musing as well as posting weekly updates to the main blog stream.  Images can also be viewed on Flickr in the Ring a Day group where you can view pieces by the other artists participating in the challenge. Where else would you find a ring made from string cheese and ritz crackers, a portable sun dial ring, a ring formed from a candle, and one formed from sterling silver, brass and pearls all in one group?


RAD 58/365 2.27.10 sundial 


Ring a Day 47/365

Minimal Rendering #6 (RAD 37)
Danielle Miller Jewelry

So Why am I taking this challenge?  Anyone who knows me knows I have trouble with motivating myself to start working and to work on a regular basis.  With the new studio almost finished (hoping it will be ready for next week), I thought this would be a great project to get me really excited and motivated about using the space.  Although I wont be able to work in the studio every day (Thursday and Friday I have back to back employment commitments), the participants are encouraged to step out side their comfort zones and work with alternative materials, so I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something quick and hopefully interesting on my lunch breaks.

This challenge presents a great opportunity to work on my motivational techniques, follow through, imagination, and ability to push the boundaries of my work.  Who knows, if all goes well I might sign on for an entire year.  What a wonderfully disjointed group of rings 365 days would yield....


  1. Pretty awesome, Erin. You may want to consider heavy marketing for the cheese and cracker variety... could be a big seller for school-aged children and on-the-go workers.

  2. I know, too bad I didn't come up with it first!