Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back into the swing of things

...several months later... Two new jobs (tutor by day and pizza slinger by night) take up a great deal of my time. Luckily with my hands in much better shape and my jewelry cohort Erin House urging me forward, I've found a bit of time to re-organize my studio space, update my inventory, catch up on book keeping, and sketch sketch sketch.

Several new hollow-form pieces focusing on form and repetition are in the works. And that great gal Erin has opened her studio space in Old Town to myself and fellow metalsmith Lia Sharp for Eureka's monthly cultural event Arts Alive! You will find us set up in the artist studios of the Buhne Building (above The Art Center) on the first Saturday of every month!

Don't quote me on this but plans may also be in the works for forming a jewelry guild!?!? As the days of college deadlines are farther and farther behind us, we've found it increasingly difficult to stay on track. Thus, a regular meeting of the minds where we might share ideas, critiques, tips, and inspirations seems to be just what we need. A steady dose of commitment and organization may also be in order.

As if all these exciting happenings are not enough, I've just learned that my studio space may be tripling in size as my sweet husband has relinquished our office/gaming space for my artistic needs... what a great guy! Stay tuned for more updates which I hope will include: organizational ideas from my new studio space, photos of the new pieces I've been working on, minutes from the jewelry guild meetings ?!?!?, and a step by step accounting of the cuff-links I made my brother for his law school graduation last summer(I guess I was a little too excited about them/for him as I gave them to him without photographing the finished product!)

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