Monday, July 3, 2017

Ocean Treasures: Choosing Stones for the Seaside Collection

When I'm creating new work for the Seaside Collection I think a lot about how I spend my time at the beach whether it be peering into tide-pools taking care not the slip on the rocks or disrupt the abundant life there, slowly strolling up and down the beach with my jeans rolled up above my ankles and waves swirling around my feet as I search for washed up treasures, or laying on the warm sand with a great book with bright blue waters of the Pacific in the distance, the crashing waves, call of the gulls, and warm summer sun, gently lulling me to sleep.

With these moments at the forefront of my mind I select gemstones with colors that mimic wet rocks, warm sand, deep sunsets, cool blue waters, and endless blue sky, and pair them with ocean fossils, and beach-combing finds like beach pottery, sea glass, and shells.

Carnelian, sunstone, and pyrite reflect the rich warmth of a summer sunset. 
Amazonite, aventurine, and larimar mirror cool blue ocean waters and clear summer skies.

Fossilized ammonite, sea urchin, and coral bring to mind white sand beaches and rocky tide pools.

Ocean pottery, sea glass, and beach pebbles call up the fun of discovery,

as well as the power of the surf that tumbled them smooth. 

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