Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ocean Inspiration and the Seaside Collection

 I always look forward to time I can get out to the beach and recharge for a bit. The weather here in Northern California isn't always super cooperative, but even a foggy afternoon can be incredibly beautiful.

Trinidad, Ca
 There is always something to discover along the shore line or in the tide-pools.

Trinidad Tide-pools
Incredibly, you will often find yourself on a long open stretch without another person in sight. The perfect environment for introspection.

 And occasionally the Pacific will bring up something that it's been working on for a very long time.

Samoa Beach, Ca
 When I'm back at the bench, I take all that ocean inspiration and use it to create one of a kind pieces that I hope bring a little bit of seaside charm into everyday life.

Seaside Pendants in Progress

You can check out the available pieces from the Seaside Collection over in my Etsy shop

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