Monday, October 24, 2016

How It's Made: Handcrafted Botacnical Necklaces

If you follow my instagram feed (@metalmusing) you know that when I'm not at my bench I am usually in the garden, so it makes sense that botanical themes pop up in my work from time to time. Last month I drew up a few new botanical pieces that are a little more elaborate than my usual work.

Next came cutting out, filing, and sanding all the tiny parts and pieces.

Some of them were so tiny!

Here are the first three soldered together and fresh out of the pickle.

At this point, as is often the case, I was so excited about them that I set these three aside and started on several more!

When they were all finally assembled they had a dip in the patina and are almost ready for stones.

With any luck I'll have the necklaces (12 in total!) finished, photographed, and ready to find new homes this week. Rings and earrings to follow!

Thanks for reading!

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