Monday, August 22, 2016

Finger Bling Stacking Rings: Go Ahead, Cover Your Fingers With Rings

Some of my favorite photos of my work have been of my ring covered fingers. Not very practical for getting anything done, but still, super fun. 

I recently came across some of the rings from the 2010 Ring A Day challenge while digging through a drawer looking for who knows what, including a few stackers I was never able to part with. 

Ring A Day 2010

I still can't do it. So hands off! However, it did get me in the mood to make a few more.

Copper versions as well! 

Available in the Etsy shop. I wont even fight you for them!

How many rings can a person fit on their hand at once? I bet Pinterest has the answer (Spoiler: a lot. Don't worry, I found instructions).

Thanks for reading!

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