Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Many Singles: Earring A Day 12-46

Earrings 12 - 17 Sterling Silver and Turquoise

Needless to say I've been a bad blogger. I have however been a good earring maker and have yet to skip a day of this challenge.

Earrings 19, 22-28 Sterling Silver and Glass

Marking each day with the creation of an earring has the unusual effect of making time feel as though time is flying by, while at the same time slowing it down. On the one hand I've already created 48 single earrings, on the other hand I am taking a moment in each day to put aside my regular routine and focus on creating each one.

Earrings 33.34, 36-38 Sterling Silver, Obsidian, Korean Jade
This project has been great fun. Each new design is a loose experiment that often leads to an evolving series. Each series seems to run about a week with those that I am more interested in spanning two. There is a lot of freedom in the idea that with so many earrings left to create there is plenty of time to revisit a series or design if I wish.

Earrings 40-46, Sterling Silver
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