Friday, January 9, 2015

One Earring A Day for 365 Days

Days 1-9

I started the challenge off with bits of this and that from my bench: a length of left over chain, a couple of eyelet lace components, and some gorgeous Amethyst briolettes that have been waiting to see some use.

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Asymmetric Earrings

 I continued on using up bits of scrap chain and several drip drop components.

Sterling Silver and Bronze Asymmetric Earrings

 Then I moved on to creating earrings that fit the first weekly theme: Plants and Trees.

Copper, Sterling Silver and Lapis Asymmetric Earrings

As you can see I've been attempting to make earrings that pair well with one another every couple of days and it's been great to start with an idea one day and continue to develop it the next. I can see sticking to this trend in the future and perhaps lengthening it out to following a theme for 4, 6, 10 days... or however long it takes for an idea to run its course. 

You can see all of the available earrings I've created for this challenge in my asymmetric earring shop section on Etsy, follow along with me on Instagram or Facebook, check out all of the available earrings from participaiting artists by typing EAD2015 in the Etsy search bar, and join in or follow along with the whole group on Flickr or Facebook

Thanks to Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal for bringing this challenge to life!

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