Thursday, September 4, 2014

3xR 35: Tangled

This week I returned to ocean debris. I cut a small length of the handfuls of fishing line I collected during a short walk on a Kauai beach, and gathered a thick sheet of old copper and few bits of copper tubing from my scrap bin.

Copper Sea Turtle Brooch

All sea turtles in US waters are on the endangered species list and entanglement in marine debris is one of the major threats to their populations. More than 50,000 yards of fishing line were collected during the 2013-2014 Ocean Conservancy clean up effort in the US.

Back of Seat Turtle Brooch
The fishing line on this piece can be pulled and tangled in different ways, but it will not come loose. A small reminder of the struggle these gorgeous animals face.

For more information on Sea Turtles and conservation efforts visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. For information on coastal cleanups visit the Ocean Conservancy.

Thanks for reading.

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