Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3xR 31: Remnant Cuff #3

I love a distressed copper cuff. This is the 3rd copper cuff I've made in the remnant collection that has emerged from this project. The first one was created for week three of the challenge. The second was created for an article that will appear in Bella Armoire Magazine alongside three other pieces from the project! You'll have to wait until the issue is released for a look a that piece. In the mean time here is week #31:

This week I pulled some copper scrap that had been used to make a few spray paint necklaces years ago and some silver bits from eyelet lace leftovers. I started by cutting the copper into strips that just happened to already be marked. I love when it's that easy.

Next, I made some marks on the copper for the overlap areas by tracing the eyelet pieces.

 After I cut everything out I played with layout until I was happy.

I cleaned up all the edges, painted each piece with flux, and laid out hard solder on the copper and medium solder on the silver.

When everything was soldered together I cleaned it all up and formed the cuff on a bracelet mandrel (sorry, I seemed to have skipped the photographing of those steps).

If you're really paying attention you'll see that I had the copper strip on the left flipped upside down when I partially flowed the solder. Whoops. Instead of cleaning it up and starting again I decided to go with it and instead made an adjustment to the design. I think I like it more after the mistake. Besides, one of the things I love most about metalsmithing is the problem solving, which means mistakes are often just opportunities to go another route. 

You can check out what all the other 3xR artists are creating over at the 3xR 2014 Flickr Group

Thanks for reading! 

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