Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring is in the air!

Spring is probably my favorite season. This will of course change at the start of summer and then again at the start of fall... What can I say. I like variety.

Best part of spring is dusting off my macro lens and rediscovering my garden.

Peach Blossoms

Second best thing about spring is the inspiration from the garden that flows over to the studio.

Silver and Carnelian Ring

Every morning I tour the garden with my dog and a cup of coffee.

Clematis Buds
Later, I pull out my sketch book or sit down at the bench and create.

Silver and Aventurine Earrings
I'm never sure what will stick with me or how it will influence my work

Elysium linifolium veriegatum
and it's always fun to find out.

Copper and Silver Variegated Leaf Earrings

Thanks for Reading!

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