Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Repeat: Playing Catch Up

Time to play catch up. How two weeks went by while I wasn't looking I will never know. Time slippage (is that a thing?) is a strange phenomenon that plagues several areas of my life including how long it has been since I've called my mother, brother, best friend (insert all other people waiting for phone calls here), the last time I remembered to pay the garbage bill (we have a quarterly system), as well as a number of other things that I can't think of right now. hmmm.....

At any rate, I've caught up with the 3xR challenge this week!

Lets call this Sunbeam Pendant Week 10:

Sterling Silver, Brass, and Green Onyx Pendant

The silver portions were left over from a piece with many long tabs (which I think I actually scrapped as well so look for that in the future!), the brass was left over from a project that involved  many large rectangles and that I had given up on ages ago as evidenced by the other cut out form, the bezel was partially melted on the bottom, and the stone... well I guess a stone is never technically scrap, but hey, I wanted to use some stones!

And for Week 11 a Rain Drop Ring:

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, and Lapis Ring
The scrap was a mixture of melted bezels, small wire pieces, and piercings from previous stone settings. The band was rolled down from a very heavy piece of wire (not pictured) that was purchased for a college forging project and never used, which means I've been holding on to it for at least 5 years. 

Week 12 Silver and Turquoise Ring:

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Turquoise Ring

I completely forgot to take pictures of the scrap for this one! The back plate is left over from a piercing on an older workshop piece and has a roller printed texture on the back, the bezel was salvaged from a much larger bezel that I accidentally melted years ago, and the rivets were extra "just in case" rivets from previous rings. The turquoise in this ring and the lapis in the ring above were purchased from my college prof about 5 years ago. She had cut them herself maybe ten years prior to that. I'm still not sure they could be counted as scrap, but definitely count as components that were already on hand.

Thanks for reading! I promise to try to keep up with this challenge from here on out.

You can check out what the other 3xR artists have been up to over at the 3xR Flickr group.

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