Thursday, January 12, 2012

FAM: January

Hibernation and Rebirth

"Clutch" (Ring)
Sterling Silver, Brass, Silk, Wool, Thread

Hibernation and Rebirth seemed like a fitting theme for my January Four A Month series. As I wrapped and twisted the wire and later tucked in the silk I marveled at the amount of energy it must take birds, insects, and other animals to develop their nests, cocoons and dens; each one a unique and marvelous creation that is a direct reflection of  the maker and its surroundings. All with the purpose of creating a safe resting place to protect new life, transform, or restore energy. Nature is beautiful.

"Cocoon" (Brooch)

"Arrested Flight" (Brooch)
Brass, Silk, String

 "Life Cycle" (Neck Piece)
Brass, Copper, Silk, String

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