Saturday, March 19, 2011

365 Rings

The passage of time is usually marked by seasons, sessions, locations, lovers, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, deaths. I always find myself strangely disconnected to the past partially because time seems to be playing tricks on me by speeding up as I get older, and also because I don't seem to remember as much as other people do about my childhood.  The farther away I get, the less I remember. If you ask me what year it was when I had my first kiss, or first drove a car, or went on my first date, or ate at a restaurant alone for the first time, or moved from one house to another, or any other event that seemed like it would never arrive as I was waiting for it or that I would never forget as it was happening, I would not  be able to give an answer. I would be able to tell you where I was or who I was with, which would narrow it down, but I have a feeling that eventually my answers to these questions will be framed in decades. How strange then that I can look at many of these rings and recall exactly what I was feeling that day and in several cases events that took place as well. It's as though the rings acted as a journal or a camera. My best guess is that the meditative like state that I experience while making -which allows me at once to reflect on my day, and at the same time to focus on what I'm doing so much that the rest of the world, and time with it, seems to fade away- resulted in a sort of imprinting similar to the way smells often trigger memories. 

Marking the passage of time through creation was a strange experience. It didn't take long to feel like I had been at it forever, and at the same time, like I had so much longer to go. There were many days where it seemed like I would never be able to come up with something and other days when it seemed like there was no way I would be bring all of my ideas to fruition (and I didn't). And then suddenly, it was over. Now, almost a  month later, I still find myself thinking about what my ring for the day will be made from, or worrying for a moment that I wont be able to complete a ring, before remembering that I have no such commitment and that I can continue with what I'm doing.  One thing I know for sure, I wont forget what I was doing in 2010. What did I learn? What did I gain? Well, I gained a lot of rings as you can see from the pictures! I've also gained many new friends and a lot of exposure to new work, techniques, materials, inspirations, etc. I think I also have a sense of accomplishment that is different from any I've experienced before. There was no degree or prize at the end of the challenge, there were no REAL rules, no REAL consequences if a ring wasn't completed or happened to be made out of pepperoni. The only awards or rules involved were those I constructed for myself. In many ways I'm still processing the experience and I think I will continue to do so for quite a long time.

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me throughout this experience. Without people checking in, making rings along with me, or putting up with my mood swings during the project, I'm not sure I would have completed. So thanks! You all know who you are!

For a chance to see some of the rings from the project check out the “Ring a Day”  Exhibition in Seattle from May 5th to May 29th 2011 at the Punch Gallery. The show will feature 365 physical rings accompanied by 14 framed photographs of temporary and/or ephemeral rings.   It is juried by Colleen Baran, Kathryn Cole, Shannon Conrad, Nina Gibson, and Sara Westermark.   This exhibition is part of the Society of North American Goldsmith’s (SNAG’s) yearly conference, which will be in Seattle from May 26 - 29, 2011. Seven of my rings have been selected for this exhibition! Very excited to see the collection and finally meet some of my new friends in person!

Not able to attend the show but haven't had enough rings? Look for the Lark Books publication Ring A Day due out in September 2011 complete with thoughts from the artists!

Stay tuned for my favorite rings from RAD!


  1. It is so cool to see them all together! Your collection is so colorful! I loved seeing your rings each day. Congratulations again for making 365! You rock!

  2. Wonderful collection, unique moments and memories.... enjoyed all 365 days with you! You are an inspiration!