Sunday, January 30, 2011

RAW: Week Four

RAW 4: Origami Shrimp, Copper, Foldforming

      Earlier this week I made an origami shrimp ring out of paper for RAD #330. I loved the little guy so much I knew he would be the next one I made in metal. The metal version has a very different feel and gave me a good bit of trouble. By the end I was folding 4 layers of 26 gauge copper to create the pleats, but it was really folding the pleat folds in half that got me (8 layers of metal really does not want to move). However, I also worked on a smaller pleated ring for today's RAD and I really like the way it turned out. I have a feeling there are more pleats in my future.

RAD 330: Origami Shrimp, Paper, Origami
RAD 334: Pleats, Copper, foldforming

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