Monday, September 5, 2016

Everyday Earrings: The Simple (or maybe not so simple) Stud Earring

My absolute favorite form of jewelry is the stud earring. So straight forward. So simple. Perfect for everyday wear. 

What I am not so fond of is "same old, same old". Which is why I love making asymmetric studs. 

Mix and Match Sterling Silver Studs from the Orbital Collection
Not only do these studs allow for mixing and matching, they also add just a touch of rebellion. Creating a look that is truly unique.

Sterling studs from the Fractured Collection.

 Making that look eco friendly by utilizing scrap materials? Even better!

Eco-friendly studs created with sterling silver scrap. From the Remnant Collection

Sometimes the studs drive the collection as with the Remnant studs above, and sometimes the collection inspires the studs, like with these studs from the Seaside Collection

Sterling silver and Aventurine studs from the Seaside Collection.

No matter the influence, these earrings move away from the ordinary and into something a little special. 

Thanks for reading! 

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