Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow Day: Gift Guide #2

I grew up in a small mountain town. The kind of town where a trip to the grocery store took twice as long because of all the chit chat involved, where things moved a little slower, and where the absolute best thing that could ever happen to you was to wake up on a school day, peek out the window, and find a thick blanket of wonderful, beautiful snow. Forget breakfast, pull on 3 layers of clothing, grab the sled, and run out the door while your mother calls after you to "Take your jacket"! SNOW DAY!!!

With those memories in mind I created the annual Christmas ornament for my Etsy shop and then set out to find items from other Etsy sellers that would take me back....

Copper Snowflake Ornaments

If I had had one of these sleds as a child I don't think I would have ever come in. This large wooden sled from AlpineCraftworks has an iconic look to it and transforms from a pull sled with a guard rail for the little ones, to something sleek and fast as they grow up. That is if the "grown-ups" will let them have a turn. 
Large Tracker Wooden Pull Sled Package
Large Tracker Sled from AlpineCraftworks
As hard as I tried to stay out all day, my toes and fingers would begin to ache with cold, all those layers would start to wear me down, and it would be time for a break. Back inside with our boots dripping upside down next to the fire and our first set of snow clothes banging around in the dryer we would thaw from the inside out with something warm and sweet, preferably topped with marshmallows. These peppermint marshmallows from Calabasas Candy Co. would have been just the thing!

Peppermint Marshmallows
Peppermint Marshmallows from calabalascandyco

After a quick warm up and the not so quick donning of new dry layers it was back out for more fun. It seems our household had an endless supply of dry gloves and mittens at the ready. These adorable mittens from HappyLaika look perfect for the trek down the road to the neighbors house for a snowball fight.

White Mittens, Wool Mittens, Kids Mittens, White Wool Mittens, White Kids Mittens, Wool Kids Mittens, Winter Wedding Flower Girls
White wool Mittens from HappyLaika

After a long and tiring day of making the absolute most of our unexpected day off it would be off to bed with the hopes that a little more snow would mean waking up to another day of adventure. For a look at more wonderful snow inspired pieces from the talented creators over at Etsy visit this Snow Day collection.

Snow day 1992 

Thanks for reading and may a snow day be in your future!


  1. Lovely memories & gift guide! Never had snow where I grew up. Or since. So I have to enjoy it vicariously through others.

    1. Thank you! Glad I could be of assistance :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your lovely memories, Erin! I'm now wanting snow so I can try out a sled and have marshmallows (oh, and lots of gluwein as well, of course!)

    1. Had to look that one up! Sounds good to me!

  3. What a wonderful trip down memory lane and a beautiful display of our fellow Etsians' goodies!

  4. Beautiful! I so enjoyed reading about your snow day memories and I'm glad we moved back to the mountains just in time for you to experience the best of growing up in a small mountain town.

    1. yes! I was still young enough to really enjoy it!

  5. Fun! Makes me nostalgic for snow days too!