Monday, February 25, 2013

BAW 8: Finishing What I Started

BAW 8. Brass, Copper, Silver, White Topaz

The beginnings of this brooch have been on my bench for years. It was actually intended to be part of a series that began with three Ring A Day rings created by utilizing my scrap.

RAD 2, 3 and 5. Space Rings. Copper, Silver, Topaz, Garnet
I also had a heart piece designed and started for the series. I ended up sending it off for the Etsy Metal Exquisite Corpse project and received a fantastic piece after Winona Johnson and Mark Kaplan put their incredibly talented minds to it.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Brass, Copper, Silver, Liberty Dime
The minute I laid my eyes on this fantastic piece I knew I had to get back to the piece I had abandoned.

BAW 8, Brass, Copper, Silver, White Topaz
It feels good to see this piece realized and listed in my shop.

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