Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Passage, by Justin Cronin

This month the Etsy Metal book club is finishing up and creating pieces based on Justin Cronin's "The Passage".

My ring is for Cronin's character Sara. As I was reading the book I wasn't aware of what an impact her character was making on me, but when I think back on the story now, I think about Sara a good deal. This ring is meant to be a sort of reminder that although her reality is one of monsters and teeth, fear and survival, there is still room to hope for more, just as she did as a child.

The passage that inspired my piece:
Teacher sealed the door behind them. A curious and premature pause; Sara had expected more. Where was she going? she asked Teacher. Would it be a long journey? Was someone coming for her? How long was she to wait here, in this room? But Teacher seamed not to hear these questions. She crouched before her, positioning her large, soft face close to Sara's. Little Sara, she asked, what do you suppose is out there, outside this building, beyond the rooms where you live? And what of the men you sometimes see, the ones who come and go at night, watching over you? Teacher was smiling, but there was something different about this smile, thought Sara, something that made her afraid. She didn't want to answer, but Teacher was looking straight at her, her face expectant. Sara thought of her mother's eyes, the night she asked her where she slept. A castle? she said, for in her sudden nervousness that was the only thing she could think of. A castle, with a moat? A castle, Teacher said. I see. And what else little Sara? The smile was suddenly gone. I don't know, said Sara. Well, Teacher said, and cleared her throat. It's not a castle.

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