Sunday, August 28, 2011


Torn, Brass

I created this piece for the most recent Etsy Metal Book Club Challenge. The book was "The Curious Case of Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson. It took me a good while before I was able to get past the first couple of pages, which may have had something to do with the play rehearsals that were taking place downstairs from the apartment I was staying in for a few weeks, but once I settled in there seemed to be a subtle rhythm that moved the story along. I was also very impressed with the way the author built tension. Much different that the suspense novels I'm used to, Stevenson used the concern and speculation of a friend to slowly develop the plot and create tension.  

Torn, Brass
For this piece I went with 14 gauge Brass and juxtaposed a smooth polished surface with one that is cracked a marred in an attempt to create a representation of the continual struggle we all have to choose the right thing, especially when "right" is such a subjective concept. 

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