Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Artist: Lorena Angulo

I first came across Lorena Angulo's work through the Ring a Day project and was immediately drawn to her amazing use of texture, detail, and color. Her pieces often explore cultural themes related to her heritage and feature many iconic forms such as hearts, skulls, flowers and birds. I am always stunned by the incredible presence that small jewelry objects can have. Lorena's work is both intimate and powerful.

Flaming Heart
Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Lorena Angulo and I was born in Mexico where I grew up surrounded by wonderful folk art and jewelry from the Native Indians of a lot of states. My biggest influence while I was a very small child was when I lived in Chiapas, Mexico; this magical state has filled my heart with wonderful memories.

I always loved to create and I have been a self taught artist since I was young. I decided to study Mass Communications and lost for a little while my passion for art and creating. It was until I moved to live to the USA that I started to missed my culture and traditions a lot and in 2006 my sweet husband told me I need it to follow my heart and find my wings again. This was the year I started to take silversmithing classes at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas. This was the year also that I was introduced to a very new material called PMC (precious metal clay.)
Describe your work in one sentence
Artisan Jewelry with Soul! 

What pieces are you most proud of?
This is a hard question for me because a lot of my pieces are very close to my heart. If I have to choose a couple of them it will be my first “Milagro Heart” I made and it was also my first piece published, my “Arbol de Vida” (tree of life) and a commission piece I was honored to make for Corliss and John Rose; “Corliss Calavera”.

What are you favorite materials to work with?
Metal clays (Pure Silver, Bronze and Copper) but I also enjoyed fabricating with sterling, copper and brass. In reality I am always in the look out of new materials to play with and my list can get very long!
Lately I have been playing with Creative paper clay and Craft Porcelain.

8/52 RAW 2011

What direction do you see your work going in?
I want to be able to show my work in more places and be able to tell my story in every piece I make. I want to be in more galleries and be able to create wholesale collections but keep on creating my one of a kind work that I love so much.

Who or what is your biggest artistic influence?
My biggest artistic influence is my culture and traditions. My country and all the wonderful memories I have are always present in my work. I admired the work by native artisans.

If you could have your work critiqued by another artist who would it be and why?
Robert Ebendorf. I met him when he came to teach at Southwest School of Art here in San Antonio and I will always remember my experience with him forever. He is an incredible artist and his wonderful spirit can be seen in his work.
I have a big respect for him and his work and I am very sure that taking his class gave me a different perspective in how to transform my work and be able to tell a story in a new way.

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
Follow your heart!
Never compare yourself with others because everybody is unique and your work has to represent what you are.

15/52 Ring a Week

If you could add one tool to your collection what would it be?
A rolling Mill!!!!!!
I will have so much fun with it!

What do you listen to in the studio?
I usually listen to Latin Music from romantic to dance music. I love to have good energy when I work and if I can sing and dance (if it is possible) I will do it!

What is your most prized possession?
My Family.
My husband and kids.

Do you collect anything? If so, do you display your collections?
I collect Folk Art, mostly from Mexico. I have all my folk art pieces display around my house.

How do you spend most of your free time?
Going out with my family. We all enjoyed a lot going to small towns around the city where we can listen to wonderful live music; eat great food and visit galleries and antique shops.

What do you wish you were doing with your free time?
Spend the time with my kids is what I love to do with my free time.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Racism and compassion.
I am so sad to see how people can be so rude to each other. Some people and kids do not realize how hurtful their words are sometimes. We need to have more tolerance and be kind to each other.


Where can we see your work?
I will be in Gruene, Texas in September for the Texas Metals Arts


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