Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RAW: Week 5

This week I continued working with origami folds but moved away from identifiable objects. I started by making a long strip of pleat folds and then formed the strip into tubing. The pleat fold in copper has a very organic feel which reminds me of the segmentation found in beetles and caterpillars. I love pairing the organic with the industrial, so rivets were a natural choice.



  1. I love this folding of metal and the result - more, more! Especially fascinating to me as metal and I don't work well together. I was a glassblower for 20 years, so I obviously have a bias for soft materials...

  2. Thank you Claire! I'm really enjoying the process. Fold forming is such a nice break from the precision that fabrication takes. All one needs is a torch, a hammer and mallet, a vise, and the willingness to pound away!