Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippity Hoppity: Still going

Last night I spent time with family for the Easter holiday. They had asked that I bring all my rings along and that everyone also make a ring to present in honor of my firsts months accomplishment with the RAD project.  Not only did they each make a ring, they gave them to me! What a great group of people.  And what a talented bunch at that:

Titanium by Stuart Miller, Copper and Sterling Silver by Judy Miller, Bolt by Alex Miller

Glass by Nick Miller, Wood by Robert LaLonde, Polymer Clay by Carol LaLonde, Found Bubble Ring by Geoff LaLonde, Egg Hunt by Erin Austin

Here are some other holiday inspired rings from the ring a day group on Flickr:

Ring a Day 94/365
Metal Riot

RAD 93/365 4.3.10 Hatching

RAD 92/365  040210

So now the question is, how many more holidays will pass with a ring?  We shall see...

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